Achieving more together!

ALFA Rohstoffhandel creates partnerships at all levels. Here, too, our corporate values – respect, a willingness to change, credibility and integrity – are inherent in everything we do. Our goal is to have long-term, sustainable partnerships right across our business. And such partnerships can only grow if they are based on mutual trust.

Our partner

The ALFA Group

In 1996, a number of recycling businesses teamed up to create the ALFA Group. Today, the ALFA Group comprises a wide range of different specialist recycling companies and service providers, the majority of which are based in Bavaria.

Our memberships

ALFA Rohstoffhandel München GmbH is a member of the BDSV, one of the largest associations of steel recyclers in Europe. The BDSV works across the whole of Germany representing the interests of its members. Its focus here is on providing information about the economic and environmental benefits of recycling.

ESN inspects and awards certificates to firms (currently approx. 400) in accordance with the ‘EfbV’ [Ordinance on Specialised Waste Management Companies], the ‘AltfahrzeugV’ [German Ordinance on End-of-life Vehicles] and the ‘ElektroG’ [Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act]. These certificates confirm that the businesses meet specific quality standards.

GZQ primarily inspects companies and issues certification for quality management, specialist waste management businesses and occupational health and safety.