Recycling – efficient & environmentally friendly

Producing metals without secondary raw materials?

More and more metals are being produced every single year and it is impossible nowadays to picture this industry without secondary raw materials. As a result, there is an ever growing demand for efficient recycling technology and new recycling systems.

Conserving resources & producing steel cost effectively

Secondary raw materials not only enable steel to be produced cost effectively, they also help conserve our planet’s natural resources – and, as a result, protect our environment. All of the materials and residue generated by metal processing systems are carefully treated so they can be returned to production cycles. Thanks to the flexibility of our set-up and our efficient organisation, we are able to respond rapidly to customer requests – no matter how unusual they may be or how quickly a solution is needed.

Recycling scrap metal

Scrap metal recycling rates currently lie at around 80 percent. This means that approx. 80% of all scrap metal is reused to make new products.

Scrap metal recycling rates need to be further increased in order to conserve our planet’s finite resources as well as to remain economically independent of third countries. We are continuously working with our partners to develop new recycling technology and systems. By doing so, we can help increase the volumes of secondary raw materials that can be recovered and returned to production processes.

Scrap iron is one of the very few materials that can be reused to make new products with there being as good as no loss in quality.