Close to the market

Our competent trading experts draw up bespoke portfolios for our customers to suit their precise requirements. We trade in all types of metal raw materials – from iron turnings and shredded materials, to top quality shredded metal, waste sheet metal and shearing scrap, all the way through to industrial waste.

Of course, we also handle non-ferrous metals, foundry scrap and pig iron. Our specialists are more than happy to help!

What you can expect from us:

  • A range of comprehensive waste management concepts
  • Fair prices & individual terms of payment
  • Sufficient transport capacities whenever you need them
  • Smart solutions to offset potential supply bottlenecks
  • Assured quality – guaranteed by our strict process guidelines
  • Open communication united with an in-depth knowledge of the market

Our customers and suppliers are at the heart of everything we do. Why not give us a call now?!

Comprehensive waste management concepts

We draw up a tailor-made waste management concept for your company that meets your exact requirements. Taking all waste laws into account and focusing on cost effectiveness, we take a close look at, for example, your production processes and then develop measures that enable you to cut costs and further protect the environment. Our specialists develop such waste management concepts in close collaboration with your company.

Fair prices & individual terms of payment

No matter what the sale or purchase prices may be – our prices are always competitive, fair and transparent. We agree on individual terms of payment with our suppliers and customers. Focus here is on ensuring that all parties involved can operate a cost efficient and profitable business. We honour all agreements made and expect the same of our partners.

Transport capacities

ALFA Rohstoffhandel has been working with national and international logistics companies for many years now. We always have access to the capacities we need – no matter what volumes are involved or whether transport is by road or rail.

Extensive network

Thanks to our collaboration work with our ALFA Group partners, we have access to a network in Bavaria and Austria that not only makes it possible for us to offset potential supply bottlenecks but also means we can always guarantee delivery of materials to our customers. We have long-standing business relationships with our partners across Europe so we can always deliver the products ordered whenever they are needed.

Quality assurance

We can guarantee the quality of our products and services – by making the most of our innovative technical know-how and by continuously developing our processes. A plan of measures and processes is drawn up for each individual project and then these are carried out to the letter from beginning to end.

Overview of the market

ALFA Rohstoffhandel has an excellent overview of all the different areas of its market thanks to its work with its partners. Both this collaboration work and the open way we communicate with our partners enable us to pick up on changing conditions and to take appropriate action at a very early stage. We are very happy to provide you with advice here, too.