Wide-ranging expertise, a steady supply of raw materials &
bespoke logistics concepts

ALFA Rohstoffhandel is the company to turn to for all standard types of metals needed by foundries.

We can supply your foundry with:

  • Cupola scrap
  • Castings
  • Punchings
  • Brake discs
  • Pig iron
  • Special types of metal
  • and much, much more

See below for more detailed information (extract from our delivery list).

A range of grades – to meet your exact needs

Our metal and scrap trading operations have been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and Section 52 ‘KrW-/AbfG [Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act]. ALFA Rohstoffhandel has also been registered in line with the REACH Directive. All of our suppliers have ISO accreditations as well and most of them have been working with us for many years now. Our partners have their own mobile and stationary shears, shredders, metal chip crushers, balers, storage facilities for turnings and radiation detection technology. It is always important to meet the exact quality requirements, especially when processing non-ferrous metals. This is where the state-of-the-art equipment comes into play at specialist recycling businesses. By operating their own analysis equipment, in-house analysis processes and laboratories, they are able to deliver the exact grades you need.

Volumes of materials – just the way you need them!

We prepare the right qualities and volumes you need for your production processes – according to your exact wishes. The batches are either put together by our ALFA Group partners or via drop shipment.

Order processing & handling – flexibility is key

We draw up comprehensive logistics concepts for your foundry. With the help of our road and rail partners, we organise the transport of your materials to reflect your precise requirements.
All terms and methods of payment are also discussed and agreed on individually.

Delivery & transport – however you wish!

Thanks to our collaboration work with our road and rail partners, we can ensure that the volumes of materials you need are delivered exactly when you want them – no matter whether they are to an address in Germany or abroad. If you wish, we can sit down together and discuss the exact details to ensure delivery coincides perfectly with your production processes.

An extract from our delivery list:

  • Deep-drawing sheet packs 30x30x30 cm / 40x40x40 cm
  • Deep-drawing punchings
  • Si punchings
  • Machine castings 2 a
  • Light & medium scrap 3 a
  • Brake discs (from cars)
  • Scrap DB railway tracks (cupola)
  • Scrap DB track fittings
  • Scrap girders
  • Mixed types of cupola scrap
  • Grey cast iron turnings
  • Nodular cast iron turnings
  • Compacted cast turnings (briquettes)
  • Plate
  • DB railway track pieces (40cm - cupola)
  • Deep-drawing slugs
  • Deep-drawing sheet packs
  • Scrap chips (deep drawing)
  • Loose waste sheet metal (unsorted)
  • Scrap chips (containing Si)
  • Other types are also available – please contact us to learn more!
  • Brazilian semi-nodular pig iron
  • Brazilian nodular pig iron
  • Brazilian hematite pig iron