Are you looking for a reliable partner? Then look no further!

ALFA Rohstoffhandel is not only able to provide you with a reliable supply of all standard types of scrap but with special types of metal as well.

We can supply your steelworks with:

  • Turnings
  • Waste sheet metal
  • Shearing, shredded & industrial scrap
  • Special types of metal – contact us to find out more!

Quality scrap metal – just the way you need it

Our metal and scrap trading operations have been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and Section 52 ‘KrW-/AbfG’ [Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act]. Our ALFA Group partners and external suppliers have all fulfilled our strict criteria and are all accredited waste management businesses as well. Our partners have their own analysis equipment, shears, shredders, metal chip crushers, balers, storage facilities for turnings and radiation detection technology. By using this state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to produce the whole range of grades found on the market.
This also ensures that we always meet the exact standards that your steelworks needs.

Reliable supplies – guaranteed

By working with such an extensive network of specialist recycling businesses, we can guarantee that you will always have access to the supplies you need. No matter what volumes of scrap you wish to have or what quality the different types of metal need to be – we make sure the scrap is processed according to your wishes and that the batches of metals are the size and quantity you require. What’s more, we also organise the transport of the materials to your business.

Reacting flexibly to market developments – one of our strengths

One of our strengths is our flexibility, in particular our ability to respond to difficult situations! As we have such strong ties to so many different recycling businesses, we are always able to react effectively to changes in the market. Supply problems, caused for example by unexpected downtime at a supplier, can be compensated for by carefully reorganising schedules.
Raw material prices? We react flexibly to price changes as well – always looking for the best solution!

Transport capacities – always on hand

Both our high transport capacity and our excellent ties to railway businesses across Europe ensure that we can always transport materials whenever we need to. If necessary, we can also use international haulage contractors to supplement these.
Your materials can be delivered to your steelworks on an entire train, in individual wagons or by truck.

Negotiable payment systems

We are extremely flexible when it comes to organising the volumes and qualities you need and the same is true for our terms of payment. We always sit down with you beforehand to arrange payment modalities.

An extract from our delivery list:

  • Grade 1, shearing scrap
  • Grade 2, new heavy-duty scrap metal
  • Grade 3, old heavy-duty scrap metal
  • Grade 4, shredded steel scrap
  • Grade 5, steel turnings
  • Grade 6, bales
  • Grade 8, new lightweight scrap
  • Grade 76, shredded cans
  • Grade 76, bales of cans
  • Mixed scrap, light, medium & heavyweight
  • Shredded primary materials