Waste management businesses


Are you looking to sell your different types of metal for a fair price and with sensible terms of payment? Are you thinking about outsourcing risk management for your various sales channels?

Then look no further – we can offer you bespoke packages to suit your needs!

What we buy from waste management businesses:

  • Turnings
  • Waste sheet metal
  • Shearing, shredded & industrial scrap
  • Cupola scrap
  • Castings
  • Punchings
  • Brake discs
  • Pig iron
  • Non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, zinc, tin, copper, lead, chromium, stainless steel / V2a / V4a
  • Special types of metal

Small & large volumes of metal

We are not only interested in large quantities of metals – we are also very happy to buy small volumes of materials from your waste management business as well. The minimum amount may vary depending on the material. Why not give us a call to find out more?!

Fair payment

Offering fair market prices for all types of non-ferrous metals and scrap is a matter of course at our company.
Payment is guaranteed – no matter what state the economy may be in.

Attractive payment methods

We sit down with you beforehand to discuss which terms of payment suit you best. These are then kept to at all times.

Organising transport incl. drawing up all documents

We have been working together with companies offering rail and truck services for decades now. We do all the work for you – organising and monitoring the transport of your materials. What’s more, we also draw up all the documents needed for transporting the goods, such as movement documents and CMRs.

A wide variety of sales channels

Thanks to our long-standing business relationships with steelworks, foundries and the metal processing industry at home and abroad, we have access to a wide variety of sales channels.

Reliability – we buy your metals no matter what the state of the economy

Both the many sales channels available to us and the excellent business relations we have with our customers mean that we are always able to buy your metals from you in the volumes agreed on – even if the economy is going through a difficult phase.

What we buy:

  • Cupola scrap
  • Castings
  • Punchings
  • Brake discs
  • Pig iron
  • Deep-drawing sheet packs 30x30x30 cm / 40x40x40 cm
  • Deep-drawing punchings
  • Si punchings
  • Machine castings 2 a
  • Light & medium scrap 3 a
  • Brake discs (from cars)
  • Scrap DB railway tracks (cupola)
  • Scrap DB track fittings
  • Scrap girders
  • Mixed types of cupola scrap
  • Brazilian semi-nodular pig iron
  • Brazilian nodular pig iron
  • Brazilian hematite pig iron

Scrap steel (can be pressed into bales for charging to furnace):

  • Grade 1, shearing scrap
  • Grade 2, new heavy-duty scrap metal
  • Grade 3, old heavy-duty scrap metal
  • Grade 4, shredded steel scrap
  • Grade 5, steel turnings
  • Grade 6, bales
  • Grade 8, new lightweight scrap
  • Grade 76, shredded cans
  • Grade 76, bales of cans

Scrap steel (cannot be pressed into bales for charging to furnace) & primary material

  • Mixed scrap, light, medium & heavyweight
  • Shredded primary materials
  • Aluminium primary
  • Aluminium secondary
  • Copper (cathodes, Millberry, granules)
  • Red brass
  • Brass
  • Nickel (cathodes, briquettes, pellets)
  • Lead
  • New zinc
  • Old zinc
  • Tin
  • Wires
  • Engines
  • V2A
  • V4A