Our company

ALFA Rohstoffhandel München GmbH

ALFA Rohstoffhandel München GmbH was established in the town of Gräfelfing near Munich in 1996. Right from the start, its goal has been to market steel scrap to steelworks and foundries in Germany and abroad to guarantee they have access to the supplies they need.
It acts as an intermediary between specialist recycling businesses and processing industries.
ALFA Rohstoffhandel buys all types of scrap metal from recycling businesses and scrap producers, processes these materials into suitable batches and then delivers the ferrous and non-ferrous metals to foundries and steelworks.

Market developments & conditions

By closely observing the market and communicating openly with our partners, we are able to identify market developments in good time – and so are able to offer our customers and suppliers the best possible conditions.

Close to the market

Our collaboration work with our ALFA Group partners and with our partner, TSR, makes it possible for us to remain close to both the market and our customers.


We purchase all types of metal – in both small and large quantities – for a fair price and with sensible terms of payment. Moreover, ALFA Rohstoffhandel handles risk management, irrespective of the sales channel, organises transport and draws up all the relevant documents.

> Our trading services for waste management businesses

We supply steelworks – both in Germany and abroad – with turnings, waste sheet metal and shearing, shredded and industrial scrap as well as with special types of metal.
Our state-of-the-art technology ensures that the steelworks always receive the exact volume and quality of materials they require.

> Our trading services for steelworks

ALFA Rohstoffhandel supplies foundries with cupola scrap, castings, punchings, brake discs, pig iron and much, much more.
Our in-process analysis systems and comprehensive logistics solutions guarantee production processes run smoothly.

> Our trading services for foundries

ALFA Rohstoffhandel is the business to turn to if you need a reliable supply of standard types of non-ferrous metals. The quality and volume of the metals we deliver depend entirely on your requirements. We can also ensure that you receive your delivery on the exact day you need it.

> Our trading services for the metal processing industry