Overview of our services

Our customers are our most valuable asset!

You can rest assured that we will always act in your best interests! Working fairly and striving to meet our goals are simply part of our everyday business. We walk our talk – always adhering to our corporate values. Our team of experts look forward to receiving your call.

What we can offer you:

  • Friendly, customer-oriented services
  • Specialist staff
  • Reliable supplies of materials
  • Quality assurance
  • Punctual, reliable deliveries

Friendly, customer-oriented services

You take centre stage at our company! No matter what the field, our staff always focus on being friendly and fair and on finding the best solution for our customers. Our dedicated team are there to help you whenever you need them.

Our staff – specialists in their field

Our team of experts can provide you with specialist advice on collecting, sorting and processing your secondary materials to help you get more from marketing your products. We have extensive knowledge of our business having worked with national and international steelworks, foundries and metal processors for so many years.

Reliable supplies of materials

Thanks to our collaboration work with our suppliers and our ALFA Group partners, we have access to a wide-ranging portfolio containing many different types and volumes of materials.
Our smart logistics concepts and our close ties to national and international rail operators as well as to a variety of haulage contractors guarantee the “physical movement of the goods” to our customers!

Quality assurance

Being an accredited specialist waste management business and having a certified quality management system not only guarantee that all documents are drawn up correctly but also that all the necessary paperwork is completed for each individual business process. Everything we do, of course, takes the latest rules and regulations into account and aims to further develop our services.

Punctual, reliable deliveries

It goes without saying that we always honour our agreements – including delivering the exact types and quantities of materials ordered.
We are also very happy to draw up individual agreements with you that meet your precise wishes and requirements.

Our services:

Our customers and suppliers are at the heart of everything we do – your interests determine the way we approach our work. Offering fair and professional services is a must for us, as is being reliable and delivering what we promise.

> Our trading services

We draw up a logistics concept to suit your exact requirements. Our business ranges from collecting and delivering raw materials all the way through to issuing the documents required.

> Our logistics services

Our specialists in the order processing, accounts and invoicing departments have years of experience of working in their field. This dedicated team handle all aspects of your order ensuring everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

> Our order processing services